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This year, make your child’s wish to meet Santa Claus possible aboard a Sea World Cruises Santa Kid’s Cruise. 

It has been a busier year than usual for our favourite jolly man. He has spent the majority of the year isolated with Mrs Claus and his troupe of elves in The North Pole. Eager for a warm change of scenery and with the Australian state borders finally open, he has chosen the Gold Coast for a last-minute holiday.

We got an exclusive interview with the big man himself to ask him about why the Gold Coast is his destination of choice, among other things. A lover of summer sunsets, Santa can’t contain his excitement to announce he will be spending the few hours before his big night with the kids and families of the Gold Coast on December 24

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“Santa, what are you doing on the Gold Coast?”

“2020 has been quite an unusual year, and I wanted to treat myself to a relaxing getaway. Stuck in the chill of the North Pole, I’m craving sometime in the summer sun; slip, slop, slap of course! I’ve organised something spectacular for the people of the Gold Coast. I’m joining up with the team at Sea World Cruises for a whimsical 1.5 cruise on the sparkling Gold Coast waterways”. 

“Do you prefer travel by boat or sleigh?”

“I have always loved the water, but sadly my magical reindeer can’t pull a boat. I love coming to the Gold Coast to have the chance to deliver by water. I’ll be throwing lollies to the families eagerly waiting on the jetties on the cruise route. I love to get the kids involved too, so they get their own bag of treats to help me spread the joy of Christmas along the canals.”

“Did anyone from tag along from the North Pole to help you?”

“Sadly, none of my elves could get past the borders. However! I have a few friends from the Gold Coast who are very excited to be of assistance. I’ve enlisted help from my favourite face painter, Emma. She creates the coolest designs that are sure to bring a smile to any child’s face”.

“What do you love most about the Gold Coast?”

“The views! Who could ever pass up crystal clear water and blue skies? The warm sunshine is also much-needed relief from the cold North Pole winter. It’s the perfect backdrop for a unique photo with me, too!” 

Santa is ready to hit the Gold Coast beaches.

“Knowing that I was interviewing you, a lot of kids have asked me to ask you the very important question of: are you taking any last-minute letters?”

“Of course!  It is never too late!  I will be forwarding last-minute wish-lists to my elves back at my workshop. Thank goodness for technology, without ‘ElfBook’ I don’t think I could keep in touch with them so quickly.” 

“Do you have any final words of wisdom for the kids this year?”

“If you’re teetering on the edge of the naughty list, or have fallen right into it, I have some advice that’s a quick way out! Be nice to your parents!” 

“That’s very true! Do you have anything planned for the parents? ” 

 “Of course I haven’t forgotten the parents. I’ll be offering complimentary tea, coffee and savoury platter. Mrs Claus has forwarded on her favourite festive drink recipe to the talented bar team to create tasty Christmas cocktails. Oh, and parents; save the milk and leave a cold beer out for me!”

“The subject of the year, COVID-19, how have you managed to travel to the Gold Coast, and what do you suggest we can do when we meet you?”

“My Santa magic has made me be immune to COVID-19 and allowed free travel to the Gold Coast.  I’m aware of the precautions that need to be taken and encourage everyone to follow the COVID-19 big three.”

Santa’s zoom link cut out before we could finish the interview, but he has forward on the details of his spectacular cruise. He can’t wait to see your smiling and merry faces there.

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