The story behind Australia’s top 10 viral video

Whale Watching

The incredible moment was awarded a place in the official Tourism Australia Instagram page’s top 10 performing posts of 2020.

In 2020, we witnessed some of the best whale displays in Australia, including a once in a lifetime breach that took the internet by storm. The video of a whale breaching metres from delighted passengers went viral across social media and news outlets. The incredible moment was awarded a place in the official Tourism Australia Instagram page’s top 10 performing posts of 2020. If you are yet to see it, check out the epic moment for yourself here. The breathtaking breach proves yet again that the Gold Coast and Sea World Cruises is the best whale watching in Australia.

Humpback Whales are one of Australia’s most curious, cheeky, and playful mammals. During their annual migration, they travel over 10,000 kilometres from the cold oceans of Antarctica to breed in warm Queensland waters. They love to show off and surprise eager whale watchers along the way. They’re known for tail slaps, head lunges, and the spectacular breach; an incredible display of their strength as they throw their 25-tonne body into the air.

The story behind the surprise capture

Even the best whale watchers can’t always accurately predict when and where a whale will breach. Humpbacks love to dive in down one side of the boat and leap from the opposite. Their unpredictability makes this video even more impressive. A perfect case of ‘right place, right time’.

After departing Main Beach, the crew of Spirit of Migaloo II spotted the featured whale splashing in the horizon. Once located, the humpback enjoyed playing hide and seek with the passengers. Popping up to say hello to the crowds and taking a few exhales,  it showed off its tail fluke before diving deep into the ocean. Everyone waited eagerly for its return. Humpbacks typically spend between 4-15 minutes underwater before they return to the surface. As the minutes ticked by, the chances of seeing it again dwindled. Our skipper and crew were beginning to call it quits, all agreeing that it had headed under for a longer dive (which can be over 45 minutes long). As passengers began to settle in for their cruise home, our whale did what they do best; a stunning breach metres from the boat, drenching delighted guests at the bow. The passenger behind the video was located on top of the boat, the perfect viewing point for a truly once in a lifetime experience.

How can I get a piece of the action?

If like many, this video is making you eager to capture your own whale moment, you have a few more months to wait! Believe us, we’re counting down the days too! Our Gold Coast Whale Watching season begins at the end of May when the humpbacks begin to pass through to the breeding grounds in Northern Queensland. We can’t wait for you to join us for a VIP whale watching experience.

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