Griffith University Research Partnership

Our partnership with Griffith Centre for Coastal Management

Sea World Cruises and the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management have a partnership to further our understanding of whales and their role in marine ecosystems.

The Griffith Centre for Coastal Management helps communities build coastal resilience and plan for the future.

With multiple whale watching tours each day, Sea World Cruises offers opportunities to gather important data on migrating whales.

This helps the Centre because studying marine megafauna is one of their research themes.

Scientific knowledge

The partnership is a research collaboration that allows a two-way exchange of data to expand scientific knowledge of these seasonal visitors.

Researchers on board

Researchers are guaranteed places on board our vessels to undertake crucial long-term monitoring of humpback whales in our waters.

Community engagement

Locals and visitors are able to meet the researchers and learn about the science behind migration during our whale watching tours.

Marine Megafauna Research

Griffith’s marine megafauna research focuses on feeding, migration and habitat use as well as human impacts on whales travelling through south-east Queensland waters. The goal is to find out how we can better protect our favourite gentle giants.

Even today, whales face threats in our waters. Sometimes they swallow rubbish or get tangled up in marine debris and fishing gear, not to mention the threat of climate change.

Researchers aboard our vessels collect data on whale behaviour, locations, pods, abundance and document scarring and injuries. They also observe the adorable newborn calves often sighted on our tours.

Research Projects

Long-term monitoring of Humpback whales in south-east Queensland

This project monitors humpback whales on their migration journeys as they travel through our beautiful Gold Coast waters.

Gold Coast Newborn Study

This project studies newborn humpback whales calves as they try to keep up with their mums.

Fluke Identification Catalogue

This project creates a fluke database for the humpback whales sighted in south-east Queensland waters, often from our tours!

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