Make-A-Wish Australia Partnership

Making dreams come true

Sea World Cruises has joined forces with Make-A-Wish Australia to help children with life-threatening medical conditions realise their dreams of seeing whales in the wild.

Make-A-Wish Australia is a non-profit organisation that grants life-changing wishes for children between ages 3-18 all across Australia, who are battling critical illnesses. 

For any wishes involving whales, dolphins and sea life Make-A-Wish can come to us! 

As an official wish partner, Sea World Cruises grants wishes for any wish kids who have a keen interest in marine life, sea creatures and boats. 

Each child’s wish is thoughtfully planned and delivered. We aim to have a positive and lasting impact. We hope to calm, distract and inspire wish kids at a time they need it most. Learning about whales, marine life and waterways is a bonus!

Wish Stories

Mason McGregor

Mason, age 7, aspires to become a marine scientist when he grows up. He chose whale watching because, ‘I really like the ocean and the creatures that live in it and seeing them makes me feel happy.’ Mason was given the chance to be Captain and give commentary under the supervision of skipper Lachlan Taylor. ‘It was amazing! My new favourite type of whale is the humpback whale because they like to jump,’ said Mason.

‘Our boys truly had an unforgettable experience and this is something that will stay with Mason forever. As his wish was all about his passion for the sea and its marine life, I’m sure this experience will add to his dream of becoming a marine scientist,’ said Mason’s mother, Dayleen Evans.

Zac Chalmers

Zac, age 10, chose whales as his wish because, ‘I’d watched lots of movies about whales when I was getting treatment and I wanted to see them in the wild for myself.’ Zac saw several pods of mother and calf pairs while whale watching with us. He said, ‘my favourite part was seeing the baby whale jump [breach] out of the water and seeing so many different whales!’ The crew signed Zac’s gifted Sea Word Cruises t-shirt as a keepsake of the experience.

‘Seeing the joy on Zac’s face as he saw the whales was overwhelming. Our whole family was made to feel like celebrities. It was a day that we will all truly treasure forever. One that without the help of Sea World Cruises and Make-A-Wish Australia, our family would never have had the opportunity to experience,’ said Zac’s mother, Kylie Chalmers.

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