Our luxury whale watching vessel Spirit of Migloo is named after the famous white humpback whale Migaloo.

Migaloo appeared in Australian waters at a time of great significance; a time when Humpback Whales first showed signs of recovery after decades of slaughter at the hands of Australian whalers. Migaloo represents the powerful spirit of magic and wonder that lies at the very heart of the natural world. Accordingly our vessel, Spirit of Migloo, is named in honour of this Great Spirit.

Spirit of Migaloo

The Vessel

Spirit of Migloo will carry you into the world of the whales in air-conditioned luxury and comfort. Built at a cost of $3.5M, she is Australia’s most advanced whale watching vessel with an amazing on-board Whale Theatre, three levels of viewing platforms, large walk-around decks and restricted passenger numbers to ensure an uncrowded, personalised whale watching experience.

Environmentally Friendly

Ultra-quiet, low emission engines, toilet waste holding tanks and whale-friendly keel means the whales and their marine environment are not harmed or disturbed.

Boat features

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Whale Tail Canopy

To stand beneath the famous whale tail canopy is to feel the awesome size and power of the largest mammal on earth.

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Luxury & Comfort

Spacious interiors, large tinted windows and first-class seating provide a superior level of luxury and comfort.

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Hear the Whale Song

Our underwater microphone allows you to listen in on the whales as they communicate by grunting, moaning and singing.

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