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Accessibility Guide

Sea World Cruises Terminal

Sea World departure location

Located in Main Beach, Sea World Cruises Terminal is the landing point for Buffet Dinner Cruise and Whale Watching Cruise and Private Charters. This is also the location of our Sunset Function Deck and where our Guest Services Team is headquartered. While you’re here, peruse the selection of souvenirs and coastal lifestyle wares from our Gift Shop. Or enjoy a bite to eat or a refreshing beverage from the Sandbar Cafe against a backdrop of uninterrupted views of the Gold Coast Broadwater.

Getting Here

Sea World Cruises Terminal is located next to the main entrance of the Sea World Theme Park. It can be easily accessed by public transport. A drop-off zone is available adjacent to the main entrance. For more information and public transport, journey planning visit Getting Here.

Accessible Parking

Two Designated Accessible Parking spaces are available 30 metres from the terminal entrance. Two more are available in front of the entrance to Sea World Theme Park. These spaces are clearly marked with the Universal Disability symbol and available for guests whose vehicle displays a Disability Parking Permit.

Terminal Entrance

The Sea World Cruises terminal can be accessed by a flight of stairs 3m wide consisting of three steps at 0.16m high with handrails 0.9m high. It can be accessed by a DDA-compliant ramp that is 1.2 metres wide and 1m high. Its steepest incline is 0.6m. The door into the terminal is 1.9m wide and the sill of the door is 0.02m high.

Terminal Navigation

The terminal is step-free. The height of the reception desk is 1.2m. The height of the cafe counter is 0.9m. Entry to the sunset deck is through a wide door that is 4.7m wide.

Priority Check-in

Please let the friendly reservations staff know if you require assistance at the time of booking. You will be offered priority check-in and first boarding onto the vessel.

Priority Seating

There is plenty of seating available on the terminal deck including lounges, high and low chairs and tables for passenger comfort. Please take a look at the gallery below for dimensions.


To access the restrooms, you will need to turn into a corridor that is 1.45m wide and turn again.

There is a Unisex Accessible Toilet with a corridor to access that is 1.37 wide or 0.98m wide with a hallway table. Once past this you will turn into a corridor that is 1.4m wide and 2.86m deep.

The door to the accessible restroom is 0.83m wide. The restroom has a depth of 2.83m and width of 1.85m. The handrails beside the toilet are 0.8m high and 1.25m at its highest height. The height of the toilet is 0.45m. The toilet paper roll is 1m high. The tap is 0.95m high.

There is a standard female toilet with two stalls and a males standard bathroom with a urinal and one stall.

Child changing stations are located within the accessible toilets.

Access to Wharf

The wharf can be accessed by a flight of nine steps that are 1.3m wide and 0.17m high with a 0.9m high handrail. There is an accessibility lift to get from the sundeck to the pontoon access ramp. The lift is 1.04m wide with a depth of 1.4m with 0.9m handrails. The buttons inside the lift are at a height of 0.89m. The accessibility lift has a maximum weight of 340kg. Due to the nature of its location, it must be operated with the assistance of our reservations team or crew.

Wharf Navigation

Guests access the pontoon via jetty ramp that is 150cm at its narrowest point with handrails at 0.9m high. The ramp to the pontoon can shift in steepness with the tide. The ramp onto the pontoon from the jetty ramp has 0.66m depth and a width of 1.62m. The distance between the ramp to the water is 2.15m. It may be difficult to get onto the ramp when shifting tides and individuals may need assistance to get onto it. Our friendly crew are available to assist if required.

There is a steel walkway that is 1.2m wide and 1.1m at its narrowest point. The rail height is 0.9m with the highest incline at 0.75m. This offers access to Hopo Gold Coast Ferry.

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