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Season starts 1st of June and runs til November

Join the marine experts at Sea World Cruises for a whale watching experience that will stir you to the very core. Setting sail from the pristine waters of the Gold Coast, the Spirit of Migaloo II is Australia’s newest and most advanced whale watching vessel. With Marine Naturalists on board, witness majestic Humpback Whales as they make their annual migration past the Gold Coast. Our breathtaking 2.5-hour cruise departs from Sea World four times a day between June and November, giving intimate groups of locals and travellers the chance to admire these elegant creatures of the deep. 

Enjoy uninterrupted views of Humpbacks from six external viewing platforms with tiered stadium seating from the sea level to the sundeck, and an exclusive VIP Captain’s Lounge for a few lucky passengers. Sea World Cruises is a proud supporter and sponsor of Sea World Marine Research and Rescue, whose team works around the clock to keep aquatic animals safe. With a 100% Whale Sighting Guarantee that offers a free return cruise if no whales are spotted, you can be confident that Sea World Cruises are the masters of Gold Coast whale watching.   

If you have enough time or coming on a day trip from Brisbane, make a day of it by purchasing one of our whale watch combo deals.

Whale Watch Guarantee

Sea World Cruises offers a 100% whale sighting guarantee, ensuring passengers get the Humpback Whale encounter they dream of. If your cruise fails to sight a whale, then we will take you out again on a free return cruise anytime between June to October. 

The Whales

At up to 16 metres long and weighing nearly 40 tonnes, it is an impressive feat that these gentle giants can launch their bodies out of the water at any moment… Read More »

The Boat

The Spirit of Migaloo II is Australia’s newest and most advanced whale watching vessel operating in the Gold Coast. With marine naturalists on board, passengers can enjoy a front row seat to all the action… Read More »

The Crew

The Sea World Cruises crew are here to ensure you have an unforgettable whale watching experience aboard the Spirit of Migaloo II. Cruise with the marine experts and witness first hand the fascinating behaviours of Humpback Whales with entertaining commentary from Marine Naturalists.

From the moment you check in to the first time you lay eyes on a Humpback Whale, our crew will make sure that you cruise in comfort and leave with very special memories and unbelievable photos.

Our Favourite Whale – Migaloo


Australia is lucky to play host to a rare white humpback whale named Migaloo – an Aboriginal word meaning ‘white fella’ – who migrates past the East Coast every year. With only 3 other white whales known in the world, seeing him in person is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Migaloo was first spotted in 1991 swimming past Byron Bay and has been gracing Australian shores and delighting whale watchers ever since. It was thought that Migaloo was the only white whale in the Australian Humpback Whale population, but he was found to be in good company in 2011 when an all white humpback calf was spotted in Australian waters. This fuelled speculation that Migaloo may have found a companion, and that perhaps this little white calf was Migaloo’s offspring.

Scientists have confirmed that Migaloo is an adult male humpback whale estimated to be born in 1986 and Australian’s have lovingly adopted Migaloo as their own with the Queensland and Commonwealth governments awarding him a protected status that prevents any vessels from getting any closer than 500-metres to him or else penalties apply.

For a memorable wildlife encounter, join Sea World Cruises on their daily whale watching adventures and keep your eyes peeled for the beloved Migaloo.


Sea World Marine Research & Rescue Foundation

Marine Rescue


Sea World Cruises is a proud supporter of the Sea World Marine Research and Rescue Foundation who are dedicated to animal welfare, conservation and education. The not-for-profit organisation aims to build knowledge and appreciation for marine life in our oceans through its research and rescue efforts and has a vision to conserve and protect the ocean and its sea critters for future generations. Since 1993, Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation has been involved in 180 independent marine biology research projects selected by an appointed Scientific Advisory Committee.

The foundation also operates a Marine Rescue Team that is on call 24 hours day, 365 days a year to assist and rescue animals in need. Injured animals are brought to Sea World where they receive world-class veterinary care and are rehabilitated back to good health. Sick or injured animals that are unable to be returned to the oceans find a permanent home in the caring nest of Sea World. Learn more about Sea World Research & Rescue program

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